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These are the Most Common Roof Problems and Prevention Strategies

May 20


Homeowners aren't likely to think about their roofs very often. When issues arise, however roofing issues can be brought to the forefront of their minds. The rest of the house depend on a solid roof. If you wait to call an expert for repairs, leaks punctures and ice dams may quickly become a cause of concern. This article will discuss some of the most frequently encountered roof problems, as well as the best solutions for prevention.


Leaks are the most common roofing problem. There are numerous ways that leaks can occur in your roof, but the outcomes are largely identical. Leaks can damage drywall, flooring, electrical appliances, and other items. If you've got an issue with your roof, try to locate a way to reduce the damage before calling your local roofing contractor. If you're able to access the roof, try the temporary method of plugging the hole or place a bucket to fill it as an alternative. The local roofers in Butler pa can successfully and safely solve the issue.


Gutters that are clogged

Gutters are usually thought of as an accessory to the roof. But, they could affect the roof in a variety ways on it. Good gutters carry water down from the roof and away from your home and foundation. Improper gutter installation can cause leaks around the edges of your roof which is where the roof is most vulnerable. If the drainage pipe does not transport water sufficiently far from your home, then the foundation of your home is also at risk.


Be sure to employ an experienced roofing company to install your gutters. Make sure to clean them three to four times per year to remove debris. It's crucial during winter when ineffective gutter drainage could lead to the creation of ice dams - piles of snow can build up on top of the frozen water that is stuck in the gutters and put excessive stress on your roof, compromising its structural integrity. Gutters aren't necessarily an added feature, but they're an essential part of your home.


Punctures and Falling Decbris

Punctures on your roof could be caused by a variety of reasons. One reason is called nail popping. Changes in temperature could cause the roofing material that compose your roof to expand and shrink. The wear and tear that this creates can force nails off their places and force them through the shingles below making it easy for water to enter.


A different reason that causes punctures is fallen debris. Trees that fall or are caused by high winds can cause severe roof damage , and could threaten the lives of the residents inside. To make sure your trees are healthy and strong, talk to an arborist.



Roofs made of asphalt shingle are the most common in the US and they can last about 10-20 years. Roofs can withstand high storms, heavy snows, and floods, as well as many changes in seasons which is why it is able to be able to withstand contraction and expansion.


There is no need to be a professional roofer to see the signs of aging. You can simply inspect your roof from the ground periodically. If you observe the shingles are missing or curling be sure to note it down. Excessive fading can also be caused by UV rays. Mold or moss growth is another indication. There could also be hairline cracks in the shingles. However, this is very difficult to identify from the ground.

Poor Installation

You might have just recently purchased a roofing system and have noticed problems with it. It could be due to the roof was not properly installed. Installations that aren't done correctly can result in similar issues to the ones mentioned earlier within the first year of the roofing's life. If your warranty is valid, contact the roofing contractor that you contracted.


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