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Why every new home should be equipped with solar energy

Jun 3

The state of California's Title 24 law was passed in 2020. It mandates that every new home built within the state be fitted with solar panels. Title 24 will be amended in 2022 to include new legislation that will require that all homes be electrically ready. This includes guidance on how to install batteries to store energy. The first of its type in the U.S., these requirements have been greeted with approval by both sides which has led us to discuss the reasons why every new home should be outfitted with solar panels, regardless of laws.

The Future is the way to go.

Solar energy is fast becoming the fastest-growing renewable energy source in the United States. Advosy Energy helps to deliver clean renewable energy to millions of people every day. As central air and plumbing for indoor use were at one time on the cutting edge of new homes, they quickly became commonplace, homeowners who did not have these advances as an element of the home's design were forced to remodel their homes to take advantage of these advances.


Seamless Integration

A large portion of the work needed by builders to prepare homes with solar energy is easily integrated into the present home building process, with minimal to virtually no effort or expense. Retrofitting a home to make it suitable for solar integration is costly and requires creative problem-solving. Phoenix solar company's added advantage is that you could include the cost of installing and outfitting solar photovoltaic panels within the loan for your home.


Better by Design

Solar energy is usually thought of when a new house is being built. This forces homeowners as well as architects and builders to look at the energy requirements of the house to make sure they maximize the potential of energy and reduce unnecessary demand. This often leads to long-term savings for homeowners, a lower energy bill, and other environmental advantages.


It matters to you.

This change affects members of PEC that have been solar before or were planning to. Some solar benefits include savings on energy costs in addition to self-sufficiency and improved quality of the local air. This will not just affect the thousands of PEC solar customers but also all of the 350,000 members, who may be considering making the switch to solar by using sparks from the solar installation.


Numerous studies have shown that solar consumers can boost their savings and not decrease their savings. Others could follow suit and homeowners may be less inclined to switch to solar.


Where are we now

Freedom Solar has got your back. We'll continue to protect our customers and ensure that solar is an affordable easy option for everyone who is able to - because our collective future is dependent on it. We also want to reassure PEC members considering solar that solar sparks will speak with you to find out whether solar is financially feasible for you, and we have solutions that will make solar a more viable investment.

Even though the rates you'll earn for solar are less, you still benefit from generating clean electricity for the use of your home. These benefits can be quantified in dollars and cents, and also in terms of air quality.

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