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Moreira Team MortgageRight Announce the Much Awaited Partner Program

Jun 21

Moreira Team’s new partner program aims to partner with like-minded realtors. The program frees realtors from worrying about getting clients’ loan approval, as Moreira Team|MortgageRight handles the processing involved.

Atlanta, USA – One of the biggest challenges for many, if not most, realtors is handling mortgages. Technically realtors aren’t equipped to handle mortgages and learn how to navigate the system based on experience alone. In light of the fact that most realtors aren’t equipped to handle the headaches associated with pushing loan applications through, partnering with Moreira Team|MortgageRight frees realtors from having to worry about it entirely. Realtors can try as much inventory as possible while leaving the loans and mortgages to Moreira Team|MortgageRight.

Moreira Team|MortgageRight uses what’s labeled a “Fast TrackTM loan processing system, which is mainly designed to do away with the realtor’s need to be involved in the process. So, realtors can focus on generating more buyers. Partnering realtors can refer to the company’s pre-approved buyers while also sharing resources to grow together.

First time Home Buyers are especially welcomed. If a buyer has a low credit score then an FHA loan is probably a better option.

Pre-approved buyers are generally those that the company has already pre-approved for a loan or mortgage. The buyers can then be shown and sold property by the partnering real estate company or agent. By essentially working as a team, both parties can stand to gain a lot. However, realtors will need to pass through the Moreira Team|MortgageRight screening process.

Parties interested in partnering with Moreira Team|MortgageRight can find out more about how it all works and fill out the online form at

“At Moreira Team|MortgageRight, we offer a fast, same day approval system which allows realtors to focus their time and effort on clients who have already been approved. All our files are pre-underwritten before issuing a pre-approval letter, all of which means that as a realtor, you can be more aggressive with the offer, and it takes a great deal of guessing out of the equation too.” Said a representative for Moreira Team|MortgageRight.

She added, “The partner program is something we’ve been working on for a while. We’ve spoken to dozens of realtors to find out what will make their lives easier in this somewhat challenging business environment. Almost everyone pointed to having a quick pre-approval process. So, by combining our quick pre-approval with the expertise of realtors who have a significant inventory to push, we have created a win-win for both parties.”

About Moreira Team|MortgageRight

Moreira Team|MortgageRight offers a 100% transparent and honest process for people in the market for a home loan. The company prides itself on educating prospects about the process while providing advice and consultation to mostly first time home buyers.