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Pressure Washing in Seattle Washington

Jun 21

Keeping your property looking good in the damp pacific northwest takes a lot of work. Seattle’s rainfall and temperate climate means that homes are prone to moss and algae. While treating your driveways and roofs may prevent growth for a couple of weeks, once it grows it is hard to remove. Keeping these surfaces clean is not only good for aesthetic purposes, but also the health of a structure. Months of neglect can eat away at the paint and allow damage to occur overtime, meaning a full new paint job or even worse. You could meticulously treat and hose down your home’s exteriors, but the most efficient way to keep your home looking new is with pressure washing.

Keeping your home looking new has become more important in the Seattle area over recent years with the booming real estate market. Homeowners may often overlook having their home professionally soft washed and surface cleaned before listing their property on the market. Real estate experts say that a clean home exterior can increase your home’s value up to $15,000 before an appraisal. Realtors almost always hire interior cleaners, landscapers, and professional pressure washers to thoroughly clean a property before going on the market.

For commercial and retail businesses, cleanliness must be a priority in order to keep clients and customers safe and happy in and around your structure. Pressure washing services are able to take on roofs, siding, brick, asphalt, sidewalks, and any other hard surfaces at a business using different techniques to not damage the materials while cleaning. Nobody wants to enter a dirty business, so business owners should make an effort to stand out among the competitors with a visually pleasing building.

Many homeowners keep a small gas or electric pressure washer in their garage to try and take on these jobs, although they still find it frustrating when it takes hours of washing to remove the grime. This is because these washers simply do not have enough water flow, and are often misused machines, only used once or twice a year. To fill this need, pressure washing companies have stepped in not only for large commercial jobs, but also your average homeowner. Pressure cleaning professionals take the time to make sure that all their equipment is industrial grade, providing high flow rates, variable pressure, chemical injection, as well as pre-and post-treat methods depending on the job. Surface cleaners are able to cover up to 20” of surface, providing an up close blast of concrete at more than double the flow rate of your typical washer and gun. Being outfitted with the best equipment and years of cleaning experience, contractors are able to take the pressure off homeowners, and have their properties looking good as new, usually just under two hours.

Cascade Pressure Cleaning of Seattle Washington is among the best in the industry.