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Best Tips For OSRS Beginners

Sep 1

Old School RuneScape is a popular MMORPG game that has been around since 2013. With its old-school graphics and addicting gameplay, many players still love the nostalgia of this classic game. It's free to play for anyone who wants to register an account or buy RuneScape membership with in-game money earned during gameplay - there are even opportunities for earning gold coins by doing various activities in the game!

If you’re just starting out playing this MMORPG, here are the important things that you should know about as an Old School RuneScape beginner.

Consider Buying OSRS Gold

Gold is a currency in the game that players use to buy, farm, and craft whatever they want. But earning enough gold can be an inconvenience for some people- so there are ways around it! You can purchase more of this precious commodity through trusted websites where you know the OSRS gold seller will not scam or steal your sensitive information from you.

Set The Right Goals

Wondering what type of gameplay suits you best? Whether your style is crafting items or battling other players in PVP battles. It's important to decide on a goal so that it'll make playing the game easier for you!

What kind of character do you want to be? Some people focus on collecting new weapons and armor, while others prefer leveling their skills. You should think about what you enjoy doing the most in a role-playing game to determine which path is right for your desired playstyle.

Try Out OSRS Minigames

There are a number of engaging, fast-paced minigames in RuneScape that you can enjoy when not raiding or questing. You should try one of the four free-to-play RuneScape minigames available: Castle Wars, Clan Wars, Duel Arena, and Last Man Standing! These small challenges will keep you on your toes as they allow players to gain experience points and earn OSRS items while playing them.

Make Some RuneScape Friends Early

There are a lot of benefits to making friends in Old School RuneScape. Friends can be invaluable for helping you stay motivated, they help keep training less boring than it would otherwise be, and having someone else there is always better than going at things alone.

Adventurers are always looking for new allies in the game, and it's easy to find them! Just look out for players training similar skills or those trying to trade certain items. In return, they might just become a valuable ally you can rely on when things get tough.